I need a business plan. Does Access Accelerator help with that?

I need a business plan. Does Access Accelerator help with that?

To help clients meet some of the critical requirements for the Access Accelerator programme and to gain a better understanding of the business they intend to launch or expand, these supplementary services are available:
  1. A self-pace do-it-yourself Business plan builder: Business development course through SBDC University
  2. Assisted business development through our Business Plan Writer Programme: Business plan writer collaboration
  3. Assisted business development through our BICA partnership: Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) accountant financial statement compilation
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    • Is a business plan mandatory?

      All of our programmes and initiatives have their own set of requirements that vary based on what is being offered. For our flagship programme, one would need a business plan to access capital. However, if a potential client does not have a business ...
    • What is the flagship Access Accelerator Programme?

      The flagship programme of Access Accelerator offers startup and existing businesses, on all islands of The Bahamas, access to grant, loan and equity funding.   The Government of The Bahamas allotted $25 million for a period of 5 years ($5 million per ...
    • Which financial institutions are Access Accelerator Funding Partners?

       1. Bahamas Development Bank  2. Bahamas Entrepreneurial Venture Fund  3. Fidelity Bank    4. Royal Bank of Canada  5. Simplified lending   6. Yoko Limited
    • Do I have to be an Access Accelerator client to apply to the Royal Caribbean Programme?

      No, you do not need to be an Access Accelerator client, but you must be an entrepreneur with an existing business on Berry Islands, Grand Bahama and New Providence. 
    • Is the Standalone Grant Funding guaranteed?

      The grants are based on the amount of available funds provided per round of the programme. We received requests far in excess of our available funds. Selecting grant recipients from an outstanding group of applicants means that everyone who applied ...