I applied for the Royal Caribbean Programme, when will I be notified regarding my application’s status?

I applied for the Royal Caribbean Programme, when will I be notified regarding my application’s status?

The Royal Caribbean Programme Committee will meet to review applications mainly on the basis of business viability, management expertise and creditworthiness. The approval cycle is bi-monthly.

Businesses that are approved by the Committee will receive an official letter confirming the loan and grant amount approved and outlining special conditions that apply. Approved businesses will be given 5 days to accept in writing the offer letter. Any offers not accepted within 5 days will be rescinded.

​Small businesses that are unsuccessful will also be notified in writing and invited to apply for training and funding under our flagship Access Accelerator programme.
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      Applications that pass the initial screening process will be forwarded to the Royal Caribbean Programme Committee ("Committee") comprising of representatives from Access Accelerator, Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation; Bahamas Chamber of ...
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      The programme will be open on Monday, July 19th, 2021. Applications will be accepted, reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis.